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Commercialising technologies in oil and energy

Statoil Technology Invest has changed the name to Equinor Technology Ventures (ETV). Equinor Technology Ventures supports small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with exciting new technologies in oil and energy—and in turn, helping Equinor be the world’s most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer with a developing renewable business.

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Track record

Building on a proven venture track record, we will provide expert technical and financial guidance as well as venture capital or project-based funding. Equinor Technology Ventures (ETV) is looking for technologies in upstream oil and gas. 

Drilling view from Terra Nova, Canada

Our focus areas are exploration, reservoir, drilling and well, production, facilities and solutions which will reduce our climate footprint and increase energy efficiency.

ETV provides equity or project based funding combined with expert technical and financial guidance.

The ETV team has experience from finance, mergers & acquisitions, boards, management, marketing & sales, technology development and implementation, and oilfield technologies. ETV’s close connection to the larger technical community within Equinor and the Equinor assets can provide expert technology advice on development and qualification, as well as piloting access and support.

ETV manages Equinor’s engagements in key Norwegian incubators (Ipark, Kongsberg Innovasjon, Kjeller Innovasjon) and in the national seed fund for oil and gas technologies.

From ideas to companies

ETV provide equity or project-based funding within varying levels of maturity. ETV’s LOOP programme provides project funding without taking ownership, while Equity funding involves ETV paying for an ownership stake in a company.

  • LOOP funding

    ETV's LOOP programme provides project specific funding, technical advisory and planning for first use of the technology in our operations.

  • Equity funding

    Equity funding is used to develop, validate and pilot technologies, and build the organization to support sales and service delivery. ETV is an active corporate venture partner dedicated to supporting enthusiastic entrepreneurs build great technology companies.

What we look for in a company

The fundamental criterion is a strong strategic fit. We are Equinor's oil and gas corporate venture unit, hence our first filter would be to assess what the company can bring to Equinor, now or in the future. If the strategic fit is strong, we will use the following parameters to carefully evaluate which opportunities to pursue:

  1. Significant implementation value: Product or services that can be implemented in Equinor`s value chain and result in significant revenue growth, cost reduction and /or improved HSE.
  2. Scalable market potential: We will target companies active in markets that are large enough to allow the portfolio company to grow quickly to a significant size.
  3. Strong team: We will back management teams who have the drive to build successful world-class companies, have entrepreneurial experience and are committed.
  4. Competitive advantage: Every interesting business has real competition. We will invest in companies that can convince us that they have the advantages that address all forms of competition, and can sustain these advantages over several years.
  5. Exit potential: Last but certainly not the least – strong outlook for a successful exit. Potential for attractive returns will drive our evaluation process.

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