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Our refineries, processing plants and terminals transform crude oil and natural gas into everyday commodities such as petrol, diesel, heating oil and consumer-ready natural gas. A reliable value chain is essential to provide oil and gas聽consumers with the long-term energy security that underpins economic growth. These facilities play a key role in keeping the wheels of society turning.


Petrol (gasoline) production at Mongstad is 4 times Norwegian domestic consumption


Mongstad ranks as Norway鈥檚 largest port in tonnage and one of the largest oil and product ports in Europe, with nearly 30 million tonnes over the quayside per year


We operate 5 onshore facilities in Norway, and one each in Denmark, Germany, the UK and the Bahamas

Turning natural resources into products

Mongstad refinery

Our refineries, processing plants and terminals play a key role in the transport and treatment of oil and gas from the Norwegian continental shelf. Most of our products are exported to continental Europe, but we also export to North America and Asia. The products are used as fuel for transport, for heating, for electricity generation and as industrial feedstock.

Flexibility in the timing and volume of crude oil shipments is particularly important when marketing crude oil beyond north-western Europe, and we achieve this through intermediate storage.

We continuously seek to improve the efficiency of our facilities. Our refinery at Mongstad has been extensively upgraded to remove polluting sulphurous components from cracker naphtha, one of the constituents of finished petrol, while our Tjeldbergodden plant is one of the world鈥檚 most energy-efficient methanol producers.

Terminals and refineries

  • Etzel, Germany

    Germany's increasing demand for gas in the 1980s lead to Norway and Germany signing new gas supply contracts, and the subsequent construction of the Etzel gas storage facility.

  • Kalundborg refinery

    Equinor's refinery in Kalundborg, in the North-West of Zealand in Denmark, refines crude oil and condensate into petrol, diesel, propane, heating oil and fuel oil.

  • Kollsnes Gas

    The processing plant at Kollsnes in 脴ygarden to the west of Bergen processes the gas from the Troll, Kvitebj酶rn, Visund and Fram fields.

  • Hammerfest LNG

    Hammerfest LNG, outside Hammerfest in Finnmark county, is a facility that receives and processes natural gas from the Sn酶hvit field in the Barents Sea.

  • Mongstad refinery

    The first part of the refinery at Mongstad in Nord-Hordaland went into operation in 1975 and the operation has since been significantly expanded.

  • Nyhamna

    Nyhamna in Aukra municipality in M酶re and Romsdal is one of Northern Europe's largest gas terminals and it is the terminal for gas from Ormen Lange.

  • Tjeldbergodden plant

    The Tjeldbergodden industrial facility at Nordm酶re comprises three plants; a methanol plant, a gas receiving terminal and an air separation plant.