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Japan has strong ambitions to grow within renewables, and Equinor has therefore established a country office here to explore renewable and low carbon business opportunities and build our position within the Japanese offshore wind industry.

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How to find us in Japan

Image of Hywind Scotland
Hywind floating wind turbines (Photo: 脴yvind Grav氓s / Woldcam)

Exciting offshore wind opportunities in Japan

The coast of Japan offers interesting opportunities for developing offshore wind, especially in deeper waters well suited to Hywind technology.

With the world鈥檚 sixth largest sea space, Japan鈥檚 long-term potential for offshore wind energy is estimated by the Japan Wind Power Association to be approximately 600 GW. Current installed capacity is about 50 MW.

Currently 17.6 GW of offshore wind has been developed worldwide, and offshore wind is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 35-40 GW by 2020 and 115 GW by 2030 (source:聽Bloomberg New Energy Finance offshore wind market outlook).

Our new Tokyo office is important for developing relations with key stakeholders, accessing business opportunities and to building our position within the Japanese offshore wind industry. Although key focus will be offshore wind, the office will also support our other business activities in Japan, like low carbon value chains (hydrogen/ammonia).

漏 Petkov | Dreamstime
Solar power generation in Brazil

Our credentials in renewables and low carbon solutions

Our New Energy Solutions business area develops renewable energy and low-carbon solutions, with a focus on offshore wind, solar and carbon capture and storage.

We鈥檙e involved in the operation and development of over 5 GW of offshore wind projects across Northern Europe and the US.

In the UK, we operate more than 700 MW in two projects, and are developing the 3.6 GW Dogger Bank offshore wind project. We are a partner in the 385 MW Arkona offshore wind project in Germany, and in 2016 were were awarded an offshore wind licence in New York to develop a 1 GW offshore wind park. In March 2018 we signed an agreement with Polenergia to acquire a 50 % interest in the two early phase offshore wind development projects in Poland.

Hywind Scotland (Photo: 脴yvind Grav氓s / Woldcam)

Hywind floating wind turbine

We developed the advanced Hywind floating offshore wind technology which has recently been deployed in the 30 MW Hywind Scotland project, the world鈥檚 first floating offshore wind pilot park. The wind farm opened in October 2017.

We are also developing a small-scale battery storage facility, BatWind, to be linked to the Hywind Scotland project to test future business models that can maximise value of offshore wind through storage.

The future is afloat

Floating offshore wind will become cost competitive with bottom-fixed offshore wind as economies of scale contribute to cost reductions. Floating offshore wind and bottom-fixed solutions can take advantage of technology synergies in technology such as turbines and towers.